Compare Suite Version History

  • Important note: below is a version history of Compare Suite project. Please note that there are 4 editions of Compare Suite: Compare Suite Light (freeware edition), Compare Suite Standard, Compare PDF (the Standard edition limited to PDF files only), Compare Suite PRO. To learn the difference between editions check the comparison table.
  • The latest version of Compare Suite can be downloaded from official web-site, old versions are available in archive.

Version 8.4 (release date 24.02.2014)

  • Context menu integration for 64 bit Windows added
  • Excel spreadsheet comparison for groups optimized

Version 8.3 (release date 25.06.2013)

  • Internal algorithms optimized
  • Interface polished according to the latest requirements
Version 8.2 (release date: 12.10.2012)
  • In Options > Reports was introduced new option to show N unchanged lines in changes only report. This will help better understand the content of the file even from “Changes only” report.
  • When compare Word file in text mode header and footer text are now supported.
  • These users who need display precise difference between two numbers will now be able to specify accuracy for number comparison, e.g. the number of digits after decimal point. Find this possibility in Options > File comparison > “Round percents in … “
  • Out of memory bug when generating report for short wrapped lines fixed;

Version 8.1 (release date: 19 September, 2012)

  • Key-code activation scheme implemented – 19 September, 2012

Version 8.1. alfa (release date: 10 August, 2012)

  • Improved encoding detection algorithm, including cases without BOM marker.
  • Optimized word report generation time for large files.
Version 8.0. (release date: 9 May, 2012)
  • COM model is now available in PRO edition of Compare Suite. It allows easy integration with third-party tools. Check “COM” folder in Compare Suite installation for examples.
Version 7.9. (release date: 30 March, 2012)
  • Compare Suite can now compare Word documents keeping formatting. It is not possible to save updated documents in original format yet. Program can highlight the difference in formatting, e.g. size, color, font.  Adjust settings in Tools > Options > MS Word Comparison.

Version 7.8. (release date: 2 January, 2012)

  • Ability to ignore comments in source code files. Check Tools > Options > Ignoring, there is a new check box “Ignore comments in source files”;
  • Ability to open file in default editor. Right click on the name of opened file – in the context menu you will be able to open file, open containing folder;
  • MD5 and CRC32 hashes in reports and at info panel;
  • New tabbed interface – it is now easier to switch between compared pairs of files and folders;
New tabbed interface - it is now easier to switch between compared pairs of files and folders;

New tabbed interface – it is now easier to switch between compared pairs of files and folders;

Version 7.7. (release date: 26 September, 2011)

  • Advanced HTML comparison released: ability to compare HTML web-pages and display differences in original document. DOM tree comparison for HTML documents.

Version 7.6. (release date: 9 September, 2011)

Version 7.5. (release date: 30 May, 2011)

  • Advanced search in text function
  • Ability to wrap long lines in compare results
  • Ability to ignore standard time difference for folder comparison that might occur because of coping files from/to external server

Version 7.4. (release date: 9 March, 2011)

  • Real-time comparison (check in Tools > Options > File Comparison);
  • Syntax highlighting for Visual Basic;
  • OpenXML comparison for docx, xlsx, pptx documents of MS Office;
  • Improved folder comparison algorithm;

Version 7.3. (release date: 25 January, 2011)

  • Autosave of compare results;
  • Better binary comparison – HEX data as a text, binary metadata;
  • Folding and unfolding of certain groups in compare results;

Version 7.2. (release date: 26 December, 2010)

  • XML format comparison improved;
  • Program freezing problem for large PDF files was solved;
  • Unicode files without correct marker are now supported normally;

Version 7.1. (release date: 09 December, 2010)

Version 7.0.

Version 6.0.

Version 5.0.

Improved folder comparison

  • Ability to save results of folder comparison
  • Display of progress and finish time estimation
  • Many minor features and bug-fixes

Improved interface

  • Ability to change panels’ position in any way. Can place panels horizontally.
  • Older file can be placed on the left panel automatically.
  • RTF (Rich Text Format) files comparison

Version 4.5.

Version 4.0

  • The PDF to Text conversion function was upgraded. Now you will be experiencing less problems with comparing PDF files.
  • Wrap Lines function added, now you can tell Compare Suite to wrap lines when generating report;
  • Advanced Report for file comparison is available. This report contains only differences between two files.
  • Report styles update, now for html report you can use underline and strikeout html styles.
  • Minor bug fixed with running Compare Suite through command line interface.

Version 3.0

  • PDF2TXT component replaced with new one. Now it is can manage almost all PDFs, including PDF files created with the latest versions of Acrobat and other authoring tools.

Version 2.4

  • “Line too long” bug was completely fixed.

Version 2.0


Bugs fixed:

  • “Out of memory” bug fixed. The problem occurred when trying to compare two large PDF files.
  • “Line X too long” problem fixed. Occurred when Compare Suite tried to generate comparison report for files with long lines without “end-line” codes.

Version 1.0

  • Compare Suite 1.0 provides file and folder comparison, merging for plain text files, reporting functions;