Compare word, excel, html, pdf, binary files with Compare Suite

Compare Scripting for Quality Assurance

The typical scenario for quality assurance and quality control is that the engineer should analyze the program execution results with some key data. For instance, the file result.txt should be compared with result_key.txt. Typically these tests covers not just one file, but some set of test files. With Compare Suite one can generate a set of comparison reports, using csreport.exe utility one could automatically analyze these reports and output in command line interface test results in a form "Test Passed" or "Test Failed".

Run some programs you want to test

The result of programs' execution should be some files, that could be compared with Compare Suite. For instance, QA engineer can use RoutineBot for this purpose.

Compare Files

Compare resulted files with Compare Suite, generate comparison report

CS Report utility

Use CS report utility to analyze comparison report file and output in command line test results, such as "Test Passed" or "Test Failed".

CSReport.exe is an utility (you will find it in folder "value_added" in Compare Suite installation) designed to help analyzing Compare Suite reports via command line. The default scenario for using CSReport.exe is the following:

1. You run Compare Suite via command line interface to compare two files. The result of the comparison is "csreport.htm".

2. In your command line script you want to have some results of comparison to be outputted.

2.1. If the file you have compared was equal to some key file, then there should be written something like "Test - Passed"
2.2. If the file you have compared was not equal to key file, then the program should output "Test - Failed"

CSReport.exe parameters sample:
CSReport.exe csreport1.htm "Test - Passed" "Test - FAILED"

- csreport1.htm - is a Compare Suite resulted report
- "Test - Passed" - is a string, which should be outputted in a case compared files are equal
- "Test - FAILED" - is a string, which should be outputted in a case compared files are not equal

Command line benefits

  • Automate compare function. Using command line is the best way to automate comparison with Compare Suite. 
  • Integrate compare function. Compare Suite can be integrated with other software. So you can add a powerful compare function in other product.
  • Version control. Integrate Compare Suite via command line with any document management software, such as WinCVS

RoutineBot. RoutineBot is an interface visual testing software that allows to find image patters, click them, enter texts etc. emulating in this way user's behavior on computer. Use RoutineBot to run scripts that will check your software in automated mode.

Other features

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