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Version control or CVS control is a technique that can be used to track changes done to a file. Fully compatible with Compare Suite, version control group gives more control to a user by providing versioning support.

We all use files and these files are often added or subtracted with information thereby creating newer, updated files. There are situations when one is required to compare two versions of the same file through manual methods. While manual methods of file comparison are not reliable, they are slow and inefficient as compared to automatic file comparison methods. One such method is using Compare Suite file comparison utility and its syntax highlighting feature to compare files in an easy and efficient manner. With the usage of syntax highlighting feature, users are able to easily get instant comparison results and use them thereafter to get consolidated reposts on the compared files.

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Every file or document that needs to be compared with its updated version can be compared easily with the help of version control group facility present in Compare Suite; apart from this users can also create comparison reposts that are very easy to create after a comparison is done. This comparison report will list the comparison details of two versions of a same file to give you an in-depth analysis of the comparison. If you want to use Compare Suite to compare two version control groups, you can download Compare Suite for a trial version or buy Compare Suite now and enjoy its benefits forever.

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