Compare Suite Interface - Toolbar

Compare Suite toolbar contains several bar groups.

Selecting appropriate comparison type

"New Compare" toolbar contains two commands - run file comparison, run folder comparison, run image comparison, run 3-way comparison.

"Compare" has Compare Button, two navigation buttons (go to the previous/next difference).

"Edit" toolbar has buttons for quick and easy editing of compared files. It has copy, paste, cut, undo, redo buttons.

"File Comparison Options" toolbar includes different compare options of ignoring spaces when do file comparison. Special words button shows, whether Compare Suite should ignore frequently used keywords, while doing comparison by keywords. Keyword tree button toggles Keyword Tree window that is also useful while comparison by keywords.

"Reports" is a report submenu with several report types. 

Two buttons allow to change the position of the panels' with text to compare. Panels can be placed horizontally or vertically.