File Comparison Options in Compare Suite

File Comparison Options: Text Comparison options

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Compare Content

Compare content options determine what comparison method is used when user select "New File Comparison" command in "File" menu.

Also, under the "Compare Content" block you will find "Wrap line" option, it allows to fine tune Compare Suite to wrap the line when generating report.

Ignore Case - whether to ignore case difference, if checked Compare Suite will find no difference between "Word" and "word"

Ignore Line End Symbols - some text editors may add one more end line character, but you as a user will see no difference. If it is not important for you now find difference in end line symbols the check this option.

Spaces Ignorance - it is a set of options that enables you to customize Compare Suite in a way you think it should to work. Whether it should ignore leading, trailing spaces, blanks inside the line.