Running comparison via command line and context menu

Compare Suite includes three main running functions. 

Running with command line

Use Integration Manager to create bat files

Context Menu

There is also an option to run comparison using context menu. In this case user should select two files in folder, right click and select "Compare with Compare Suite..." in the context menu. Please note: to have this option available you should have enabled context menu integration while installation.


The simples way to run Compare Suite is to double click on it's icon on desktop or click Start button, select Programs, find Compare Suite and click on it.


Some time it's handy to run Compare Suite by drag-and-dropping something on it's icon. 

Note: you can drag-and-drop two files or folders on icon to compare them. It's handy when you have two version of one file on the desktop and want to compare them. Just select both (holding Control key on keyboard) and then drug-and-drop on Compare Suite icon on your desktop.