File Comparison Reports

Report Types

Note: sometime it is important to have report where lines are wrapped, so that you can print it out. To wrap lines please go to the Tools > Options > File Comparison and check there the checkbox, "Wrap line if it is greater than..."

Standard comparison report

Standard report contains several parts. 

Please, note: the context of report depends on used comparison method.


This part contains information about compared files, their location, date of last modification and files size. 

Comparison statistics

Describes how many lines where added, deleted, modified within compared files.

Comparison options

Describes used file comparison options. Read more about available options.

Comparison details

Contains file text with highlighted changes.

Full comparison report

Full report is a combination of standard reports for all changed files within compared folders. 

It contains information only about changed files and shows only changes (not whole file text).

Advanced comparison report

This type of report contains all the information about found changes. 

It includes full file texts and changes highlighted.

Folder comparison report

Compare Suite allows to create Standard, Full and Advanced reports for folder comparison.