Running Compare Suite with command line

Command line syntax for Compare Suite

CompareSuite.exe {file1 file2 | folder1 folder2} [/report:<report_name> [/type:{std|full|adv}]]

file1, file2 -- full path to the file
folder1, folder2 -- full path to the folder
report_name -- full path to the report to be created
{std|full|adv|2sides} -- report type (standard, full, advanced, two sides report). For file report this switch has no meaning, because standard one is always used. If omitted, standard supposed 

Error is given to the user in case:
- one of the files/folders not found
- user specified one file and one folder

0. Even started from command line Compare Suite loads options from .ini file. So, before running it one may edit it manually.
1. /report switch can be shortened to /r /type switch can be shortened to /t (e.g. /t:std) 
2. If /report is specified there MUST be either two file or two folders specified
3. If /report (or /r) is specified, no GUI will be created!
4. If no extension is specified for report name, .html is appended. If there is any other extension, it will left unchanged
5. If folder for report name is not exist, it will be created
6. "-" and "/" can be used as delimiters. I.e. -report and /report means the same 
7. Letter case doesn't matter
8. Switches other than /r and /report ignored
9. Only first two paths are matter, the rest are ignored
10. Destination report files will be overwritten without confirmation
11. The order of parameters and switches doesn't matter. I.e. the following are valid examples:

CompareSuite.exe /r:C:\some.html c:\file1.txt c:\file2.txt
CompareSuite.exe c:\file1.txt c:\file2.txt /r:C:\some.html 
CompareSuite.exe c:\file1.txt /r:C:\some.html c:\file2.txt

Folder synchronization

The latest version of Compare Suite supports folders synchronization.

Find below some samples on running synchronization with command line:

-action:sync -LDir:"h:\left_dir -RDir:"h:\right_dir" -direction:all -collision:Replace

-action:sync - is switch which indicates that there are parameters for folder synchronization;
-LDir: and -RDir: - are folders to be synchronized
-direction:all - the direction of synchronization, possible values are:

-collision:Replace - the action the program should perform in a case of collision, possible parameters: