Comparison Informational Panel in Compare Suite

This is Info Panel of Compare Suite. Every time you do file or folder comparison in Compare Suite it shows useful information about found changes.


File comparison


When comparing two files Compare Suite shows the following information: 


Left and right file date/time - modified date and time.

Similarity (by keywords) - the similarity rate of two documents, it depends on the number of common and unique keywords in two documents.


When comparing files char by char or word by word (read more about comparison methods) Compare Suite shows the number of added, deleted and modified lines.


When comparing files by keywords (read more about comparison methods and about comparing by keywords) Compare Suite shows the number of common words in two documents and the number of unique words in the left and the right document.


For any type of comparison, Compare Suite shows the group of interest where left or right text belongs to. Read more about Groups of Interest in Compare Suite.


Folder comparison


When comparing two folder Compare Suite shows the number of new files, deleted files, modified files.


Display options


You can close Info Panel by clicking "x" icon. To show it again, please, select "Info Pane" command in View -- Toolbar menu.